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With offices in Denver, Colorado and Casper, Wyoming, Wold Energy Partners, LLC fosters an atmosphere of growth and excellence amidst the energy industry’s competitive marketplace. Our technical team is first in class and we pride ourselves on outworking our competitors. We like to set the pace, raising the bar for ourselves and our partners to exceed well documented expectations.

Our management team has a deep understanding of petroleum dynamics from in-depth technical study to asset positioning. We are aggressive, but branded by fairness and integrity. The WEP development model is return focused and based on full cycle economics.  

What We Do

...consistently build & realize tangible value for our shareholders & employees

…through consistent, western, natural resource development

…with a focus on the multiple oil & gas targets in our Rocky Mountain backyard


 WEP was founded in 2013 by the senior principals of Wold Oil Properties. The Company and its management team have worked together in various capacities through multiple companies and business models.