What we do...

Wold Energy Partners (WEP) is a responsible oil and gas operator with more than 60 years of experience creating value for our shareholders.

How we do it...

WEP maintains focus primarily on exploration and production in the Rockies. Specifically in two core operating areas in Wyoming. We pride ourselves on our first class technical team and balance portfolio of product lines. And our foreseeable development mode isl based on full cycle economics. 

We bring tangible value to our investors and employees...

WEP's proven results boast consistent > 3:1 return on investment record and our unencumbered scalable assets and clear path to a high return on revenue fosters a workplace where everyone wins. 

Becoming the number one operator should be judged by metrics. Which is why WEP aims to have the highest safety and environmental standing in our community. And using a risked/reward based operations plan and practicing CWC cost efficiency helps return value to WEP investors. 

 Value Creation

  • Properties defined by first class technical analysis
  • Profitable development for over 60 years
  • Constantly looking forward to new opportunities and ventures.

Western Heritage

  • Industry partner of choice
  • Long term mutually prosperous relationships
  • Accountable employees working in a performance driven culture 


  • Responsible surface use and development 
  • Continual working relationships with regulatory agencies
  • Valuing conservation through business endeavors