The Wold family’s focus on oil and gas development in the Powder River and Green River Basins spans fifty years and a multitude of discoveries, field developments, and asset sales. The current focus is on the multiple tight reservoir objectives that are most economically developed with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. 

In addition to its well established leasehold positions, approaching 75,000 net acres, the company operates a strong portfolio of producing wells. Though WEP prefers to operate, many of its most prolific targets involve partnerships with many of the industry's most reputable companies. 

WEP has a talented technical team striving to reach the following goals


♦ Maintenance of a professional reputation ♦ Responsible regulatory adherence and timely well permitting efforts ♦

♦ Study of advanced technical practices and design of safe wells ♦ Execution of a return focused development program that is scalable ♦

♦ Aggressive lease acquisitions driven by strict geologic parameters and economic metrics♦ 

Value Creation

Properties defined by first class technical analysis

Profitable development for over 60 years

Constantly looking forward to new opportunities and ventures

Western Heritage

Industry partner of choice

Long term mutually prosperous relationships

Accountable employees working in a performance driven culture 


Responsible surface use and development

Continual working relationships with regulatory agencies

Valuing conservation through business endeavors